One Little Change

The Story of Tommy and Kimberly

One Little Change: The Story of Tommy and Kimberly
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There are some things in this universe that are meant to be. And in changing one detail, Tommy and Kim are given a future. Granted, it's a future full of the chaos that only the life of a Ranger can bring. But it's also full of love and family.

This is the story of Tommy and Kimberly if the two of them didn't stay all broken up like they did on the show. The story begins at the Turbo movie and takes you through all of the Power Ranger seasons that have aired so far (up through Jungle Fury) and to SPD time wise. Intense knowledge of the shows is not needed until you get to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, and then you only really need to know the basics.

I, gate_ship , chose to do this for the 2008 NaNoWriMo submission. By the tenth day I passed the 50K mark, so this is clearly going to be incredibly long when it's finished in it's totality. I hope someone finds some joy in this, though I do understand that it's going to be a long, long story that many people may no longer find interest in after a certain point.

So, click the button and come on in.

All you'll ever need to know to navigate and understand.

Full pairing list.

OC Character bios.

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