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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Planning A Wedding Is Hard
PR-Once A Ranger
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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Planning A Wedding Is Hard
(When You Have Less Than A Month)

Date: November 20, 2002

All Tommy had heard from the kitchen for the last forty minutes was grumbling, muttering, and the sound of a pen scratching on paper.

Then there was a thunking sound and a muffled groan. “You all right Beautiful?” he called.

“No,” Kim said piteously.

“What’s wrong?” Tommy asked as he walked into the kitchen. Kim was seated at the table, her forehead resting against the piece of paper she’d been writing on.

“I can’t figure this out,” Kim whined.

“Figure what out?”

“Seating arrangement.”

“I thought Laura was doing that,” Tommy said, sitting beside his fiancé.

“She was. But she told me she hated me and made me do it. Now she’s doing the caterer.”

“I thought Aisha and Rocky were doing that,” Tommy said.

“Now they’re doing the cake, which yes Trini was doing,” Kim said. “Trini’s now doing the bridesmaid’s dresses with Ashley.”

“And Ashley gave the groomsmen stuff to Cassie and Jason, right?” Tommy said. “That much I know.” He did wonder how exactly they’d managed to rope all of their friends into helping plan their wedding. They really did have the best friends on the planet.

“Right,” Kim said. “Andros and Zhane are working on transporting the guests to the wedding. They’re going to bring the Galactic Rangers and hopefully the Aquatian Rangers and Billy—“

“Wait, the Aquatians are coming?” Tommy asked. “You do realize that they actually look like aliens, right?”

“Yes,” Kim said with a grin. “But apparently they’ve got this great new holographic projection stuff to make them look a little more human. So Andros and Zhane are bringing all of them a day before the wedding and they – well hopefully Billy won’t have to – leave like three hours after the wedding because of the water supply issues.”

“What are Adam, TJ, and Carlos doing again?” Tommy asked. “There’s too many things that we aren’t doing ourselves.”

“I know,” Kim said. “They’re working on the music. I think they’re all going to DJ because they said they couldn’t find any live bands that were worth it. Or maybe they said Zack was DJing it.” She looked at Tommy. “Do you think we should have a meeting and figure out exactly what’s going on?”



A very large piece of poster board was attached to the wall of Cassie and Xaren’s living room divided up into categories such as decorations, food, seating, location, legal stuff, reception, flowers, and more. All of the Rangers and non-Rangers helping get the Ranger wedding off the ground were gathered in the living room.

Tommy and Kim stood at the front of the room. “Hi guys,” Kim said. “Thanks for coming. Um, well, we decided that we probably should figure out everything now. Or as much as we have done now anyways. So we’re starting with the location and moving on from that.”

“Okay, I got stuck with location, which was easy enough,” Taylor said. “It’s all secured and everything. Permits have been acquired and we’re good to go on that front.”

Kim went to the poster board and checked off “location.”

“Flowers?” Kim asked. “Seeing as I’ve no idea who’s doing that and I want input in that if nothing else. Well, other stuff too I guess.”

“Uh, Kendall’s doing the flowers,” Danny said.

“Kendall?” Tommy asked, thinking that he’d managed to miss a Ranger somehow.

“Danny fell head over heels for her. She owns a flower shop. He told her he was a Ranger,” Alyssa said. “And she said she’d be happy to help. Early December isn’t busy, so she’s good on it. She does want to meet with you and find out what ideas you had though.”

“Great. One more thing to check off,” Kim grinned.

“Rocky, Aisha, tell me you’ve got something on the cake,” Tommy said.

“We’ve been scoping out places and found one we think you’ll like,” Rocky said.

“I already checked both of your schedules and you’ve got a meeting with them in a week,” Aisha told them.

“I love checkmarks,” Kim sighed. “Laura, that leaves you with catering, right?”

“Yup,” Laura said. “You guys said you didn’t want anything fancy, so Ernie’s going to do it.”

“Ernie’s going to take on our wedding?” Tommy asked. “Isn’t that a bit much for him?”

“He’s going to have some helpers, but he says it should be fine,” Laura said. “He needs to know what you want to do though, so you two need to drop by when you can.”

Tommy, who was supposed to be taking notes, wrote that down. Kim glanced at his notepad and then did a double take. “Tommy, don’t use your freaky shorthand please. I want to read them later.”

“It’s not freaky shorthand,” Tommy said defensively.

“Yes it is,” Hayley said.

“Gotta admit, bro, you don’t know how to take notes in a language that everyone can read,” Jason said.

Tommy looked down at his notepad with a frown. They were perfectly legible to him.

CKE. (a drawing of an unhappy clock) 7+


(a poorly drawn daisy) WFDGF? K (a really bad drawing of a cell phone) WFDGF ?



“How is that not legible?” Tommy asked.

“What does P=C mean?” Kim asked.

“Taylor got the permits to have the wedding outside,” Tommy said.

Kim rolled her eyes and went back to the poster board. “I’m doing the seating chart, which sucks, so I can ignore that for a moment. Tommy and I are doing the decorations, so moving on from that. Wait. Who’s doing seating?”

“You mean real chairs?” Adam asked. “Nobody as far as I’m aware.”

“I’m on it,” Dana said. “And we’ll be good.”

“How are we doing on the transporting, Zhane? Andros?” Kim asked.

“We’re going to be good,” Andros said. “We took a quick trip to KO-35 last week. They’re going to continue to send us information. The Triforians are coming too.”

“Why are they coming?” Jason asked. “I’m the heir. Sort of.”

“They said something about it being a Power Ranger thing,” Zhane shrugged.

“Only Trey came to our wedding though, so who knows,” Ashley said.

“Uh, what about the Aquatians water needs?” Trini asked

“I’m on it,” Laura said. “Me and Zhane are taking care of all of the aliens’ needs. And since I happen to teach at a school with a bunch of water ninjas, I’m taking advantage of it.”

“That’s fine,” Kim said, marking it on the board. “Next is the music. Guys, what exactly is going on.”

“The bands all sucked,” Adam said.

“So Zack’s going to DJ it,” Carlos said.

“And Tanya’s offered to sing some too,” TJ added.

“And they’re using my equipment from the Café,” Hayley said, “seeing as it’ll be closed all day.”

“Okay then,” Kim said. “What’s next. Oh! Tuxes.”

“The boys all have fittings scheduled for Friday,” Cassie said.

“We do?” Tommy asked.

“Yes, you do. Even I knew that,” Kim said. “Friday I’ve got a dress fitting.”

“And all of the girls are going shopping for dresses,” Ashley said. “Same place as Kim. This way the boys stay away from the girls. It all works out.”

“Even though some of us already have dresses,” Cassie said dryly.

“And I already have a tux,” Zack said.

“You’re going as moral support. Get over it,” Cassie told him.

“Moving on,” Kim said firmly before an argument could break out. “What about the reception? Tables, chairs, dance floor, buffet table, and so on?”

“I’ve got everything under control,” Tanya said with a grin. “It’s fun being famous sometimes.”

“Yeah, but everybody thinks we’re getting married,” Adam said.

“So that’s why I’ve been hearing rumors of you two on the news?” Dana asked.

“That would be why,” Tanya said.

“And then people think I’m getting married,” Wes said. “As if.”

Taylor and Eric exchanged a glance with one another. Wes was moderately bitter when it came to rumors of him dating. He was holding out for Jen, even if that meant he’d only get to have her in the afterlife. Eric wanted him to branch out, but Taylor (and the rest of the Rangers in fact) said he was an idiot for even mentioning it. Wes and Jen were going to be together some way or another. The Power wouldn’t let them fall in love and then not do anything about it.

“So we’ve got everything that I can think of covered,” Kim said, knowing Wes was about to get very grumpy very fast. “We really appreciate this guys. Now I have another big favor to ask you.”


“Help me figure out where to put the Galactics and Lightspeed and the Triforians and the Aquatians and the people from KO-35,” Kim begged.

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The shorthand was actually pretty hard to come up with. I had to make it make some sort of sense, but it also had to have come from Tommy's crazy brain. Thanks for commenting. And sorry about the spamming.

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