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Chapter Twenty-Five: Some Very, Very, Very Angry Girlfriends
PR-Once A Ranger
gate_ship wrote in 1littlechange

Chapter Twenty-Five: Some Very, Very, Very Angry Girlfriends
(And Terrified Red Rangers)

Date: October 5, 2002

Tommy grinned and shook his head as he walked away from the other Rangers. Then he laughed as he heard Eric say that the Q-Rex could beat the Dragonzord any day. Oh, the boy was dead wrong, but Tommy would let him dream for a little while.

As he was imagining the battle between the Q-Rex and the Dragonzord – Dragonzord was kicking the Q-Rex’s butt – he completely missed the skipping figure coming towards him and the shouts of pain from the direction he was walking towards.

“Hiya Tommy,” a voice said from his right, startling him out of his daydream.

He glanced over in surprise at the young, and female, sounding voice and did a double take as he realized the voice belonged to none other than Megan. “What are you doing here?” he asked warily.

“I’m the warning of impending doom,” Megan giggled and continued on her way towards the … Red Rangers.

“Oh God I’m going to die,” Tommy said as he made the connection a minute later. He took off sprinting after Megan.

The Reds weren’t in the cars yet, apparently preferring to stand around and chat.

“Get in the cars now!” he bellowed at them. “Run!”

“What?” Cole asked.

“What’s going on?” Wes asked.

“They know!” Tommy said.

“Oh God,” Jason said, bolting for his motorcycle. “We’re dead, we’re dead.”

“They know?” TJ asked. “I’m gonna die. CARS NOW!”

Everyone jumped a little at the sudden onslaught of sound.

“I do not think so Theodore J Jarvis,” Ashley shouted as she, Kimberly, Trini, Aisha, Tanya, Dana, Kendrix, and Cassie appeared, dragging along Justin, Carlos, Zhane, Rocky, and Xaren.

“Thomas Oliver you are so in trouble!” Kimberly shouted, her hands planted firmly on her hips as she marched towards him, a fairly dangerous look in her eyes.

Megan, who’d remained silent so far, hissed, “Wes, Eric, Cole, run. Now. Really. Run.”

“What’s going on?” Cole asked as Wes and Eric started backing away.

“Have you ever been at the opposite end of Taylor or Alyssa’s fury?” Wes asked.

“No,” Cole said, clearly still puzzled.

“We get bitchy when our boyfriends go on death trap missions and don’t tell us!” Trini shrieked.

“Especially when my boyfriend organized the damn thing!” Kimberly shrieked as well.

“Kim, Beautiful, sweetheart, sweetie, I’m sorry. I really am,” Tommy said, holding his hands up and slowly backing to where Jason stood.

Cole titled his head to the side much like a dog and stared at Tommy in confusion.

“And why the hell did you tell them without letting us know?” Aisha asked, stabbing Rocky in the shoulder.

Tommy winced but didn’t say anything.

“Why didn’t you let us come! Serpenterra’s hard to defeat you idiots!” Tanya said.

“Actually,” Cole said as he stepped forward, causing all of the boys to wince, “I defeated Serpenterra. It was really easy. I don’t know why you guys made such a fuss about it.”

All of the girls sent a withering glare in his direction, causing him to shrink back.

“And you two,” Ashley said, pointing to the slowly backing away Wes and Eric. “Do not think that you’re getting off easy because you don’t have girlfriends. You are still so very dead.” Ashley then whirled to Andros who Tommy swore whimpered. “And you Andros! You didn’t even tell me you were doing recon! I had to physically drag it out of Zhane when I realized that you’d gone and blown up the moon!”

“We didn’t blow up the moon,” Tommy said.

“Shut up!” Ashley shouted. “We’re getting married in a month, Andros! MARRIED! No more suicide missions!”

“This wasn’t a suicide mission,” Andros said, cringing back from his irate fiancé slightly.

“And where the hell is Rocky?” Kimberly demanded. “He was a Red Ranger too. And if you’re going to decide to have some chauvinistic Red Ranger bonding fiasco, he should be invited too! Did you decide to exclude him or something? That is not how the Power Ranger family works, Thomas Oliver!”

“He’s in Africa with Aisha! There wasn’t time to get him! And I was worried that he’d hurt his back!” Tommy said defensively. “It’s not my fault!”

“That doesn’t mean that you should exclude him!” Trini nearly growled.

“I thought you were mad at us because we went on this mission,” Jason said.

“I am,” Trini growled at him. “And you had best not remind me of that when I get distracted from that.”

“You all are so dead,” Kimberly said, looking at all the boys in turn.

“I’m not as violently mad as the rest of them are,” Kendrix said, speaking up for the first time. “I’m just irritated that Leo didn’t tell any of us what was going on and where he was going.”

“Sorry,” Leo muttered apologetically. “I didn’t want to worry you.”

“You wouldn’t have,” Kendrix said. “I trust you to keep yourself safe. Well, Maya was worried but that’s Maya for you.”

“I am sorry, Kendrix,” Leo said contritely.

“It’s fine,” Kendrix said, grabbing her boyfriend’s hand and pulling him away from the other Red Rangers who were about to be filleted by a bunch of angry girlfriends.

Once he was safely behind the girls’ backs and out of Kendrix’s line of sight, he winked at the boys, who all immediately became outraged. The girls took that look of outrage differently.

“Oh, the fact that he’s off the hook with Kendrix doesn’t mean he’s off the hook with us!” Trini said.

Cassie rolled her eyes at the girls and said, “I’m going to take Cole, Wes, and Eric and yell at them in private, okay?”

“Go ahead,” Kimberly said.

Cassie grabbed Wes and Eric, thinking that Cole would follow behind. It was only when Cole said, “Am I in trouble? Because my team knows that I’m here.”

Megan sighed and said, “You really need to learn when to shut up when the Pinks and Yellows get pissed off.”

“He does have a good point,” Cassie said. “I’d lay all the blame on Andros and Tommy.”

Andros and Tommy turned to glare at her. Kimberly, Trini, and Ashley looked speculatively at their boyfriends.

“Andros was the one doing recon and Tommy was the one that organized everyone,” Cassie said with a wicked grin.

“Blame NASADA!” Tommy and Andros said.

“They wanted me to do recon on the Machine Empire!” Andros said.

“And they were the ones that called me! They didn’t even want the Red Rangers to come! They were wary of me coming!” Tommy said. “I tried to get them to let you girls come, but no they said it was too dangerous and that people would realize that something was going on!”

“You’re not helping,” Kimberly said. “Because honestly, that big lunar explosion kind of gave it away anyways. And NASADA isn’t in charge of you.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Jason hissed at Tommy.

“You boys are going to be slaves for life,” Trini said firmly. “Slaves. For. Life!”

“I’m still confused at what’s going on,” Cole said.

“Let me explain,” Megan said, cutting the girls off. “The boys all left without telling their teams and girlfriends. So now they’re all in trouble. The Pink and Yellow Rangers are very, very scary when pissed off as you can tell. And the Red Rangers are big wusses when faced with angry girlfriends. So, the Red Rangers need to inform their girlfriends that they’re going to run off. Because they’re whipped beyond belief.”

“Oh,” Cole said. “They’re going to die, aren’t they?”

“Oh yeah,” Megan said. “Come one Cassie, Wes, and Eric. Let’s let them die.”

As soon as they were out of earshot Wes breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God they’re not going to kill me.”

“You’re just lucky,” Cassie said. “I actually think it’s pretty amusing. Well, I’m also really pissed at Andros but that has nothing to do with you guys.”

There was a yelp and all heads turned to look at Kim beating Tommy with her purse. “Ow,” Cassie winced.

“I am so telling Justin everything,” Megan grinned wickedly. “This is blackmail for life. Ooh! Do you have a camera?”

“Why?” Cassie asked, but then her face lit up. “Photo album!”

“Got that right,” Megan grinned.


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