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Chapter Twenty-Four: Wreckage Scavenging
PR-Once A Ranger
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Wreckage Scavenging
(Or Why Exactly Was Cole Able To Do That?)

Date: October 5, 2002

Luckily for the Red Rangers, there were very few large pieces of wreckage from Serpenterra’s explosion. That’s not to say that there weren’t any, but there definitely weren’t as many as they had expected.

As soon as all of the bits of space flotsam and jetsam were in the ship, they went into orbit over the planet. Tommy, Jason, and Andros were a little apprehensive about staying off Earth for so long because Tommy was fairly certain Kimberly was going to figure something out. And once she did all hell would break loose.

All of the Reds were looking at the assorted bits of Serpenterra in the ship, trying to find something useful. Cole didn’t understand because, after all, Serpenterra was gone and wasn’t that all that mattered? The people who had fought against Serpenterra knew that no, that wasn’t all that mattered. Something had happened while the ship was on the moon that had made it ridiculously easy to destroy.

“I just wish it had been that easy back when we were after it,” Tommy said as he shifted one of the larger pieces of debris.

“Guys, I think I got something useful,” Carter said.

Andros headed over to Carter and took the debris from him. “It’s a computer chip! That’s great!”

“Why is that important?” TJ asked. “There are like a thousand computer chips in a Zord.”

“It’s a computer chip from Serpenterra’s main computer banks. And it’s a big one,” Andros said. “If it isn’t too damaged we might be able to find out why Serpenterra was so easy to destroy.”

“Okay,” Rocky said. “Does that mean we have to keep rooting through this stuff then?”

“Not for now. But it would be interesting to see exactly what Serpenterra was made of,” Andros said. “Come on, let’s go.”

The group of Red Rangers followed him to the bridge and made themselves comfortable in the few chairs or leaning against a wall. Andros plugged the relatively large computer chip into the ship’s main computer. “Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t have a virus,” he sighed after it was in.

“Shouldn’t you have thought of that earlier?” Eric asked.

“Deca’ll be fine,” Andros said. “All a virus would do to the ship would cause it to need to reboot.”

“Space ships can reboot?” Wes asked curiously.

Andros nodded. “Ah,” he said as the ship’s screens filled up. “Here we go.” He scrolled down through the information and then shook his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What does it say?” Tommy asked, moving to stand next to Andros. When he saw what the words on the screen he shook his head.

“What is it?” Leo asked.

“Serpenterra was low on energy and fuel,” Andros said.

“There was a fuel leak in the Zord, which probably helped it to explode,” Tommy added. “And somebody left a program running as well as the internal lights, which caused the power to drain.”

“Well, somebody’s an idiot,” TJ said.

“Definitely,” Wes agreed.

“So now what?” Leo asked.

“We head down to Earth before the girls find out,” Andros said. “I’ll take you and Aurico back after I tell Ashley that I’ve got to make a trip there to check up on stuff. I don’t think she’ll press the matter. Much.”

“Then back we go before the girls discover what was going on,” Jason said. “I hope they don’t know what happened.”

“Don’t hope,” Tommy said, “pray.”


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